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Larry Sims, R.T. (R) MR, ARRT,CPR & First Aid Certified Instructor. American Heart Association

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Private, Group, and On-location Classes Available in Phoenix and Surrounding Areas (travel rates may apply) 



See course individual details below. Duration: 4 hours

One (1) and two (2) rescuer CPR as well as choking and unconscious choking is taught for all ages (adult, child and infant). Rescue breathing and various airway adjuncts are taught for people who might be in respiratory arrest only.This course also highlights the use of the AED and a team strategy is simulated using two (2) to four (4) people in a cardiac arrest scenario. With the use of the new CAB (compression, airway, breathing) technique assessment of cardiac profusion and pulse checks are added to verify the status of the victim to confirm that they are in cardiac arrest. Emphasis is placed on limiting delays and interuptions to CPR to maximize success in overall recovery and survivability. Duration: 2 hours

First aid is the initial treatment of injuries. Sometimes it’s the role of the first trained bystander to call 911, assess scene safety, and learn about HIPPA issues (patient confidentiality). Even though you may not have the skills of a paramedic or nurse you will be taught how to stabilize victims, take off gloves properly, and wash hand under universal precautions to ensure sanitation and prevent cross-contamination.Topics and scenarios include: bleeding, seizures, shock, syncope, stabilizing fractures, splinting, diabetes, and keeping the patient comfortable and stable until paramedics arrive. Basic CPR is part of this course so you can recognize signs and symptoms of a heart attack and stroke as well. Duration: 2 hours

Heart Saver CPR (Non-Provider) ($45.00)
According to the American Heart Association (AHA) only six (6) percent of heart attack victims live because most people that witness the heart attack do not know how to perform CPR. It's simple and easy to do and the course is designed for lay rescuers or non medical people who normally would not have the skills of a medical worker. The goal of the course is to simplify the skills in assessment and minimize the level of technique to be successful. Hands only, one rescuer, and conscious choking is taught for all ages. Duration: 2 hours

GROUP (On-Site):
AHA dictates that the maximum attendees for any independent instructor is eight (8) participants. Due to this regulation and often space limitations I do offer split classes for businesses or schools with large groups. Please contact me by e-mail or phone to negotiate dates, times, and rates.

FAMILY AND FRIENDS (Non-Provider) ($45.00)
You can learn the core skills needed to perform CPR in the comfort of your own home with the use of your own personal manikin and skills kit from the American Heart Association! A twenty-two (22) minute DVD (English/Spanish) covers CPR skills with additional information on child CPR, choking, and AED use. While this is a great tool for the individual to learn CPR techniques this product does not classify the individual as CPR certified.

SAFE  Sitter CLASS (BABY SITTER) ($45.00)
Contact for details.

If you attend one of my courses at my location and bring a friend or colleague I will offer you and them a 10% discount!