Arizona CPR, first aid classes, basic life saving courses in phoenix Arizona, safesitter classes,boyscout or girl scout safety,bls classes for heartsaver or healthcare provider

Basic Life Support Services LLC. (BLSSERVICES.NET)

Larry Sims, R.T. (R) MR, ARRT,CPR 

2210 W. Marlette Avenue                                      
Orange Aire Townhomes(clubhouse).
Phoenix AZ  85015-1911                                                                                                   
(602) 570-2219                                                
(602) 249-9271 FAX

Private, Group, and On-location Classes Available in Phoenix and Surrounding Areas (travel rates may apply) 




TIMES (Mon-wed-Fri)

BLS Provider 4hours 09:00am,-1pm
Heart Saver CPR (Non-Medical) 4hours 09:00am,-1pm
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Register for a course here:

***The system will send you a receipt for your request, this is not a confirmation. Until you receive an approval e-mail the appointment has not been finalized. If we cannot accommodate your request we will contact you to coordinate a new time.***

Note: If you do not see a time that fits your schedule please call me at (602) 570-2219